JOKES-Exam Results Is Published

Father talk with son for published the exam result then...

Father : Oath, what is your test results?
Son : Son of Headmaster has a bad result.
Father : You had to pass the exam?
Son: Son of Doctor has a bad result also.
Father: Ohh..But tell your results?
Son: Son of Magistrate has a bad result alos.
Father: I had quit, I get your results?
Son: I am the son of a scholar that i will pass the exam!
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Get Nice Free Wallpaper " ALLAH "


Here you take a very nice wallpapers is " ALLAH ". This wallpaper is you set you desktop computer or your laptop computer.And you also hang this nice wallpaper in your home wall.
This wallpapers or pictures you get free from this sites.So take this very nice wallpaper and enjoy.
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Dream 365 day

Make a "Dream" 365 day in your home,abroad likely anywhere.It is your own choice.But i can suggest that you must be make a colorful dream.You must avoid dark dream.Likely your dream is your business,Facebook chat,make money,tour anywhere,see movie n video song etc is dream for list.
And you can get here any kind of news for your need.

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